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Devarenne and Gohil Labs in the spotlight

Craig Kaplan : March 25, 2014 10:28 pm : BioBio News, BioBio on the cover

Recently, two Bio/Bio labs and their collaborators have highlighted around the web. First, Tim Devarenne’s lab in Bio/Bio (lab website), in collaboration with Arum Han’s group in Biomedical Engineering here at Texas A&M, had their recent article, “A microfluidic photobioreactor array demonstrating high-throughput screening for microalgal oil production” featured on the inside front cover of the April 21, 2014 issue of Lab on a Chip. The article details a microfabricated device for capturing individual algae colonies and optimizing growth conditions in a parallel fashion. A very cool piece of work!


In other news, a recent publication from Vishal Gohil’s lab (lab website) here in Bio/Bio, collaborating with Sherine Chan at the Medical University of South Carolina, was featured on the homepage of the Yeast Genome Database (SGD), as “New and Noteworthy”. Their paper, entitled “Copper supplementation restores cytochrome c oxidase assembly defect in a mitochondrial disease model of COA6 deficiency” is published online in Human Molecular Genetics, and slated for an upcoming issue. Check out what SGD had to say in “A Heartfelt Need for Copper“, describing the function of the yeast Coa6 gene in delivering copper to a critical enzyme for generating energy in mitochondria. Importantly, Coa6 is the conserved yeast homolog of a human gene implicated in disease. Yeast is a useful model system to probe Coa6 mechanisms.

There have been around 30 papers (and counting) published from Bio/Bio already in 2014. Browse some of them here.

2014 President’s Meritorious Service Award

Betty Cotton : February 26, 2014 12:51 pm : BioBio News

photoHelp me congratulate Daisy Wilbert who received 1 of the 15 President Meritorious Service Awards that was presented at the February 26, 2014 award ceremony. After 120 nominations were received by the Association of Former Student’s selection committee, Daisy’s nomination packet revealed what they were looking for, which are staff who strive for excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service. We are so proud of Daisy and our other hard working staff in our department who support academic excellence for our faculty, staff and students. Congratulations Daisy on receiving this well-deserved recognition.

Bacterial warfare illustrated- Straight Lab on the cover of Journal of Bacteriology

Craig Kaplan : February 26, 2014 10:56 am : BioBio News, BioBio on the cover

Carol Vargas-Bautista, a BioBio grad student, Kathryn Rahlwes, a Texas A&M Biochemistry undergraduate alumna, and Paul Straight, Assistant Professor in BioBio have just published some nice work in the  Journal of Bacteriology examining how B. subtilis regulates its ability to synthesize bacillaene, a metabolite that can perturb competitor Streptomyces species. A beautiful illustration of how bacteria alter each others behavior as part of competitive interactions graces the cover of the second February 2014 issue of JBac.

Bacterial competition beautifully illustrated on cover of J. Bacteriology by the Straight Lab.

Bacterial competition beautifully illustrated on cover of J. Bacteriology by the Straight Lab.